"The fastest growing shooting sport in North America"

Being real friendly, having good sportsmanship and good wholesome fun, that's what we're all about.  Cowboy action shooting has a variety of categories and can be enjoyed by everyone.  Seniors as well as Juniors and women are not only allowed - they are encouraged to participate!  Whole families are known to get involved.  CAS revolves around the clothing and equipment reminiscent of the 1800's.  Period dress is encouraged, and aliases are a must.  Some of the "shooters" consider the costumes as important as the shooting.

Contestants are divided into "posses" of 10 to 15  with everyone pitching in to help run the stages,  Some of the duties include Loading table Range Officer, Brass picker, Score Keeper, etc.  Everyone can help and we will show you how it's done.

A match consists of several stages, each with a different theme.  Usually 4 firearms (lead bullets only) are required in each of the stages. 

                                   -  A rifle of pistol caliber. .25 or greater with external hammer
                                   -  A 20 to 10 gauge shotgun either lever or pump action                                                                     or a double barrel shotgun with or without exposed hammers.                                                      (no ejecters)
                                   -  2 reproduction revolvers from the 1800's time period (or originals in                                           safe condition) 32 caliber or larger.

Targets are metal, cardboard or thrown (clays, tin cans, etc,)

Each competitor is timed and scored for hits and misses on each stage.

"The most fun you can have with your boots on"

The Cowboy action shooters of Heffley Creek gun club encourage the preservation and appreciation of our Western Canadian Frontier History.  We are dedicated to raising public awareness of Frontier events through interpretation and encourage activities to acquaint the public with survival on the Canadian Frontier.

We organize shooting competitions with Frontier themes and an authentic Canadian perspective to acknowledge the use of firearms on the Canadian Frontier.

We promote the safe handling and use of firearms and Involve ourselves with educational programs as well as other activities which the society deems appropriate.