History of the Heffley Creek Gun Club
History of the Heffley Creek Gun Club
This page was last updated: 8/12/2013
In 1983 a handful of target shooters held a meeting to draw up plans for a target shooting facility and established the Heffley Creek Gun Club.

So began an association of target shooters sharing common interest.  Some primary responsible individuals were, Jack Walton, Elmer Hart and Norval Card.

Our club was registered under the societies act on the 19th day of July, 1983, making it an official non profit organization.  Objectives are to provide Club facilities for the use of our club members, and promote responsible use of firearms.  The Club attracts people from all walks of life, with members aging from 12 years old to some 80+ years of age.

​The facilities consist of a shotgun tower and trap house, a covered 200 meter Pistol range, a Black powder range with several trails, a Cowboy action shooting facilities, and a covered 500 meter Rifle Range with 10 benches.  Our facilities host many years of popular Black Powder "B.C. Rendezvous", Cowboy Action Shooting events. Smallbore and High Power Canadian National Silhouette Championships.

Currently our membership is 400 members.  The membership fees are amongst the lowest in B.C. and includes $5,000,000 liability insurance.  The range is located 4 Km from the Heffley Creek store traveling east on the Sun Peaks - Todd Mountain road , from there you turn left onto Sullivan Valley road and drive approximately 2 Km to the gate
"Target shooting is a lifetime sport"